Monterey Park Shooter Very Likely Not A White Supremacist

It turns out that the suspected mass shooter in Monterey Park was not any kind of right-winger, Trump supporter, or White supremacist despite claims by certain left-wingers to the contrary.

The gunman, who allegedly killed 11 people after shooting them and many others at a dance club Saturday, has been described as an Asian male.

Reports by the New York Post indicate he was 72 years old.

“There is a male suspect that fled the scene, has been described as a male Asian,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said at a press briefing.

“It’s taken us a while and please be patient with us because as we are interviewing witnesses and victims we’ve gotten different descriptions of one suspect,” he added.

The New York Post covered the currently known details of the suspect and his actions:

Tran, 72, acted alone when he opened fire at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio late Saturday with a semi-automatic pistol, killing 11 and wounding at least 10 others, police said. He then stormed another dancehall, Lai Lai, but was disarmed by a heroic civilian before he could inflict further damage.

The shooter’s motive has not been officially confirmed, but a local law enforcement source told LA Magazine that he was “looking for his wife” and that it increasingly appears the slaughter was domestic violence-related.

Records show Tran, who immigrated from China, filed for divorce from his wife in 2005. The ex-wife told CNN the pair met at Star Ballroom, where Tran was a regular.

She also said her ex-husband was “hostile to a lot of people there,” complained the instructors didn’t like him, and said “evil things about him.”

Not long after the shooting took place, a now-private Twitter post showed a blue-checkmark leftist appear to blame conservative Americans for the horrific actions that transpired.

“My heart is breaking over this Monterey Park shooting. It’s one of the most AAPI populated cities in the US and this occurred on the eve of Lunar New Year,” began a “journalist” named Lacey Vorrasi-Banis.

“Fuck Trump and the right for instigating this rise in anti-Asian hate,” he continued. “Fuck your guns. This has to stop.”

Chester Chong, who serves as the Chairman of the Los Angeles Chinese Chamber of Commerce, cast even more doubts on Vorrasi-Banis’ claims. When speaking with ABC News, Chong indicated that the shooter’s motive might have been related to jealousy issues surrounding an event his wife was invited to.