More Students Rebel Against LGBT Indoctrination In School

Still another incident of students resisting LGBT ideology being forced on them arose recently in Toronto, Canada. This rebellion came in the York Catholic District in the aftermath of the school board deciding not to fly the “Progressive Pride” flag over its religious schools.

Of course, this act of defiance sparked outrage from the left, and some students organized walkouts and demonstrations across the district.

But in a heartwarming display of initiative by young people, other students stood up and defended their right not to be subjected to radical leftist indoctrination.

LGBT activists have long had the Catholic district in their crosshairs for failing to fall in line with their dogma. A committee was formed last year, and in March it recommended to the school board that its flag be flown at the organization’s primary office.

It also urged the school system to release a statement in support of the LGBT community.

A series of school board meetings saw overflowing crowds of parents demanding that leadership not give in to agitators who want nothing less than total control.

The Catholic district officials decided to remain true to their faith and rejected outside calls for compliance. This led to a protest scheduled for the second week of Pride Month by LGBT students and their allies.

This protest was met with a counterprotest, also led by students. The left-wing media hyperventilated that the LGBT students were “attacked” by protesters, though video of the scenes hardly backed up that accusation.

Still, school officials said that “unacceptable behavior” was demonstrated during the protests and they are working to address this. Meanwhile, the LGBT crowd deployed extreme virtue signaling to paint themselves as “victims.”

One student told CTV News Toronto that she stayed out of school the next day due to being upset.

She recalled that “all of Thursday when I got home after and I watched my school on the news, I was just crying. I was just so upset. I can’t speak for my other peers, but I wasn’t scared. I was just sad. I just felt disrespected, and like I wasn’t listened to.”

A police officer, Sgt. Clint Whitney said authorities encountered a peaceful scene when they arrived at the site of one demonstration in Aurora, Ontario. Rocks were reportedly thrown, but no evidence was found.

A Pride banner was also reportedly damaged.