Most Americans Agree Inflation Will Get Worse Under Biden

Inflation, to this day, has a pattern of increasing with time, rather than decreasing. That comes in spite of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates and saying these raises will bring down inflation.

It hasn’t happened yet. Meanwhile, poll after poll shows the vast majority of Americans are feeling the burn of higher costs in Biden’s America.

Some people are now swapping out grocery store runs for dollar store trips. Others are limiting how much driving they do each week and pulling money from their savings accounts just to meet living expenses.

Now, a brand new poll shows most Americans believe inflation is going to get even worse within six months’ time.

Reviewing the New Poll on Inflation
According to a poll released by YouGov and The Economist, 46% of the country assumes inflation will be worse by February 2023. Only 18% of Americans predicted lower inflation by that time, while 21% think inflation will still remain as it stands today.

The majority of Republicans (64%) and Independents (51%) share the view of worse inflation to come. Economists likewise have projected that inflation could still be around even in 2024.

Just last week, congressional Democrats managed to pass the Inflation Reduction Act without getting even one Republican vote. Democrats are adamant this legislation will bring down prices when Americans most need a break. However, economists have not backed these claims.

As concerns about inflation remain alive and well, the Biden administration is maintaining it has not had a role in higher prices. Despite inflation beginning well before the war in Ukraine, the president and his aides claim the “Putin price hike” caused high consumer costs.

Pushing Back Against Inflation
During the 12-month period ending in July 2022, the Consumer Price Index incurred an 8.5% raise. Republicans are warning that inflation is going to get a lot worse in the future, even beyond six months’ time, if Democrats maintain their majority in Congress this fall.

It is for this reason that Republican lawmakers continue urging Americans to vote red, hand both congressional chambers back to the GOP, and help the party push back against Biden for the remainder of his term.

Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley also recently claimed that if Republicans lose the midterms, the 2024 presidential election won’t even matter.