Most Americans Want Biden to Restore US Energy Production

Since Joe Biden got into the White House last year, he’s been working day and night to make the dystopian Green New Deal the law of the land.

The president and his ilk are of the view that America should live in a world without fossil fuels, without oil drilling and with only “clean energy.” Meanwhile, the electric cars that Biden and Democrats continue promoting rely upon oil in order to be built.

It is not an exaggeration to say the Biden administration’s vendetta against energy production in the United States is hurting Americans. There’s no better example of this than where gas prices stand today.

It is for this reason that most people across the nation believe it is time for Biden to restore America’s domestic energy production, as documented by The Blaze.

The Newest Poll from the Trafalgar Group

This week, Trafalgar Group released a fresh poll showing that 77% of Americans want energy production in the United States to be restored. This isn’t a partisan viewpoint; the majority of Republicans, Independents and Democrats support this policy change.

High gas prices are not a joke. They hurt not only everyday Americans commuting for work or other purposes; they also make the transportation of various products harder and more expensive.

During a period where America is still dealing with supply chain problems, the last thing we need is another getting in the way of product transportation.

Biden, feeling the public backlash over obscene gas prices, is on defense. He’s claimed that his White House is not blocking energy from being domestically produced in the United States.

Of course, the president is lying, purposefully gaslighting the American people, and trying to evade accountability for poor policies.

How Can Biden Restore US Energy Production?

At this juncture, it is more imperative than it’s ever been for this president to listen to the American people and cast aside his Green New Deal fantasy.

One of the most effective ways Biden can restore US energy production is by getting the Keystone Pipeline up and functional again. Then, the president can release the hold that he’s put on various drilling permits.

That’s not to mention the Mountain Valley Pipeline in West Virginia that could be completed and then put into action. West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin has noted the role Mountain Valley Pipeline could play in US energy production.

However, when asked about this earlier in the week, the White House said it doesn’t view pipelines as a fix to lowering gas prices. Perhaps it’s time for the Biden administration to take its lead from the 77% of Americans who say otherwise.