Musk Responds To Virgin Island Subpoena Related To ‘Cretin’ Jeffrey Epstein

The U.S. Virgin Islands has issued a subpoena to Twitter CEO Elon Musk as part of its lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase, and Musk was outraged at the implication — calling the suggestions of a connection between himself and deceased trafficker Jeffrey Epstein “idiotic on so many levels.”

According to court filings, the U.S. Virgin Islands is seeking documents as part of their effort to hold JPMorgan Chase accountable for the actions taken by Epstein — as the investment bank is being accused of enabling Epstein’s recruiters to pay victims, and of being “indispensable to the operation and concealment of the Epstein trafficking enterprise,” according to Fox Business.

The probe into Epstein was in the news several months ago after it was revealed that an attorney general in the U.S. Virgin Islands had mysteriously lost her job after she began a lawsuit against JPMorgan for their Epstein connection.

Meanwhile, the subpoena, which was issued on April 28, is for communications between Musk and JPMorgan regarding Epstein — as well as any information about whether Epstein played any role in any of Musk’s companies “or tried to refer” Musk to JPMorgan as a client.

The U.S. Virgin Islands government has been unable to track Musk down to serve him the subpoena — and is now asking a federal judge to serve it on his company, Tesla Inc., instead.

Musk blasted the move on Twitter, replying to a tweet from Unusual Whales on the development while calling Epstein a “cretin.”

“This is idiotic on so many levels,” he wrote. ‘One: That cretin never advised me on anything whatsoever. Two: The notion that I would need or listen to financial advice from a dumb crook is absurd. ‘Three: JPM let Tesla down ten years ago, despite having Tesla’s global commercial banking business, which we then withdrew. I have never forgiven them.”

In a statement to Vanity Fair in 2019, Musk asserted that the only contact he ever had with Epstein was earlier that year.

“I don’t recall introducing Epstein to anyone, as I don’t know the guy well enough to do so, Epstein is obviously a creep,” Musk said, in part. “Several years ago, I was at his house in Manhattan for about 30 minutes in the middle of the afternoon with [ex-wife] Talulah [Riley], as she was curious about meeting this strange person for a novel she was writing. We did not see anything inappropriate at all, apart from weird art. He tried repeatedly to get me to visit his island. I declined.”