National Abortion Federation Slams FBI Memo on Left-Wing Terrorism

The FBI is checking into violent or criminal responses to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade as pro-life centers, churches, and even the homes of high court justices are under siege.

A June 22 guidance release distributed to state and local law enforcement agencies urged them to be diligent and report incidents related to extremist abortion ideology.

A fair request by any reasonable standard. After all, the FBI bulletin listed examples from both sides of the abortion controversy in its communication. Some are now very easy to find as radical domestic terrorist organization Jane’s Revenge claims responsibility for over 15 attacks.

The FBI correctly notes it cannot investigate individuals or groups solely on political statements and protected speech or actions.

The FBI scrutiny is drawing the wrath of radical leftists. This truly privileged group feels that anything they do is morally justified due to being stripped of their rights by the court.

The National Abortion Federation implemented a classic deflection strategy when its extremist followers began their rampage against churches and pro-life centers.

The pro-abortion group wants the focus to be on incidents prior to the leaked Supreme Court draft and then the overturning of Roe v. Wade. It cites FBI data showing five arson incidents from 2019 to 2020 and 80 vandalism cases.

Fair enough. But the FBI memo deals with arson attacks, vandalism and threats in recent weeks, not three years ago.

Other liberal groups do not want the scrutiny they richly deserve. The far-left Brennan Center believes law enforcement is getting the wrong message simply by being notified that left-wingers are committing violent acts.

Perhaps this is a good time to reflect on the fact that a pro-abortion extremist attempted to assassinate a Supreme Court justice in their home before the decision was even finalized.

Facebook now labels Jane’s Revenge as a terrorist organization. As conservatives know well, it takes much effort for Facebook to categorize an outfit as “a far-left extremist group” responsible for firebombing and “vandalism attacks on pro-life institutions.”

As with hate crimes, the act is not the thing but rather the perpetrator. Pro-life vandalism and threats, which of course have occurred, are “domestic terrorism.” When the pro-abortion mob attacks, firebombs, vandalizes or threatens, the FBI taking note is an overreaction.