Nearly 1 Million New Migrants Released In United States Since 2021

The Biden Administration’s weak border policy resulted in a massive surge of illegal immigrants in the United States over the past two years.

The news grew even more difficult as it was revealed that most of these illegal immigrants’ whereabouts have been lost by law enforcement.

The latest figures show that nearly one million migrants have been released to stay in the country in the last two years.

The news comes as the Biden Administration changed previous policy by not providing charging documents to migrants caught illegally in the country. These migrants were released in this fashion starting in March 2021.

The change resulted when Customs and Border Protection released the illegal aliens with a “Notice to Report” to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office rather than a “Notice to Appear” for a court hearing.

It was recently revealed that almost 1 million migrants were released in such a fashion and that nearly 600,000 of these were now untracked and effectively lost by immigration officials.

None of this should be a surprise since voluntary reporting usually results in most immigrants skipping court dates.

The latest news is another blow to the Biden Administration’s argument which claimed strong border enforcement. However, the numbers do not lie: the Biden White House has deprioritized the U.S.-Mexico border.

Americans consistently rate border security as one of their top priorities. Candidates who center their focus around securing the southern border have met with great success. The recent troubles on the border with Mexico may be a major factor in the coming 2024 races.