Nearly 30% Of Gen Z Americans Support Government Surveillance

A recent poll found that nearly 30% of Gen Z Americans support the federal government placing cameras in homes to prevent crime.

The finding was part of a Cato Institute poll of 2,000 Americans. The poll asked whether Americans “supported the government installing surveillance cameras in every household” to reduce crime. About 14% of Americans supported the idea, 75% opposed it, and 10% said they were unsure. Among those aged below 30, 29% said they supported the idea.

According to The New York Post, “In 1791, the utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham proposed building a ‘panopticon’ in which people’s behavior could be monitored at all times. But Bentham’s panopticon was meant to be a prison. A sizeable segment of Generation Z would like to call home.”

Only 20% of respondents between the ages of 30 and 44 supported the government surveillance proposition.

The poll found that 25% of Hispanics supported government surveillance, with the most support coming from Black Americans, 33%, while White Americans supported the idea less, followed by Asians.

The poll included political disparities, with 19% of Democrats and 18% of independents agreeing that the government should implement a surveillance program to protect Americans. Approximately 9-11% of Republicans shared that sentiment.

Other polls have shown the differences between the generational groups in the U.S. A OnePoll survey from January 2023 found that about 24% of Millennials said their parents paid for their rent, a percentage slightly higher than the average of 19% of Americans who said their parents pay their rent.

Gen Z workers have reported that using certain emojis is a generational act. One report found that younger workers claimed using the “thumbs up” emoji was “super rude.”

Pollster John Della Volpe identified Gen Z as a problematic demographic for Republicans in the 2022 midterms. The GOP ended up “underperforming” in the midterms, with Gen Z voters being the reason the party did not have a “red wave.”

“One thing I know already. If not for voters under 30 … tonight WOULD have been a Red Wave,” Della Volpe tweeted after the 2022 midterms. “Gen Z did their job.”