Netflix Has Just Put Its Employees on Notice

Streaming services like HBOMax, Hulu, and Netflix have a variety of content, along with wide audiences. Some people will prefer certain movies, shows, and series over others.

In the case of Netflix, however, there’s been some internal controversy regarding content featured on the streaming service. Multiple employees expressed issues with comedy specials by Dave Chapelle and others.

As the consistent backlash and complaints continue, Netflix made some modifications. Although, these are not the modifications their unhappy employees hoped for.

The streaming service has since let its workers know that if they can’t handle a variety of content on the platform, then working for Netflix may not be a good idea anymore.

Modifications to Netflix’s Culture Guidelines
This latest update to Netflix’s culture guidelines is the first change in about five years. However, the streaming service doesn’t mince words when it comes to the expectations of employees working for the company.

According to Netflix, it won’t be imposing censorship on creators, but will instead grant viewers the leeway to determine what content they want to tune into.

While making this point, Netflix additionally stated its support for “diversity” in opinions, even when these opinions don’t always support the personal views of staffers within the company.

In another segment of Netflix’s cultural guidelines, the company further lays down the law. Netflix stated that employees holding various positions may be required to come across content that goes against their personal beliefs or opinions.

Staffers are then told that if dealing with content of this nature is too much for them, they should reconsider employment with Netflix altogether.

More Trouble in Paradise For Netflix
Updates to Netflix’s cultural guidelines come as the streaming service is already dealing with some significant challenges.

The company’s April quarterly report reveals that it lost more subscribers during this time than in ten years.

Some of the losses are viewed as consequences of COVID restrictions ending and people getting back to their lives. During lockdowns, Netflix, by contrast, saw real increases in its subscribers.

More bad news for Netflix arrives as the company’s shares suffered an almost 70% drop just in 2022 alone. Netflix’s problems have even led them to announce the likely arrival of ads, something that subscribers aren’t too happy about.

In a nutshell, Netflix isn’t really in the position to be heavily policing content that personally offends its employees. This is a huge reason why the company opted to make changes to its cultural guidelines for the first time since 2017.