New York City is Preparing For Nuclear Attacks

New York City is facing many different challenges today. Crime, for instance, continues to be a top problem. Mayor Eric Adams (D) ran on a platform that involved ending crime. Yet, so far, the Democratic mayor has yet to deliver on this vital campaign promise.

As it also turns out, New York City is part of a state that’s been hemorrhaging residents for quite some time. Within the past two years, Americans have been running from blue state strongholds to create new lives in red or purple states.

Yet, rather than getting to the bottom of these issues, New York City is going in a different direction. That direction involves putting out a public service announcement about potential nuclear attacks.

New York City on Nuclear Attacks
On Monday, New York City released a message detailing what residents should do if a nuclear attack comes their way.

The guidelines listed call for residents of the major city to go indoors, remain indoors, and keep up with what’s going on in the outside world.

According to the city, once people are indoors, they should steer clear of windows, undress, put their dirty clothes into bags, and then cleanse themselves with shampoo or soap to avoid skin contamination.

Then, New Yorkers are advised to keep up with the outside world by looking out for wireless emergency signals, following the media, and signing up for alerts from Notify NYC.

A Mystery to the General Public?
Nationwide, Americans have questioned what inspired New York City to release an announcement on how to react to nuclear attacks. Others claimed the steps listed in the statement weren’t even practical.

For instance, the tip for New Yorkers to keep up with the media in the event of a nuclear attack is counterproductive. A nuclear attack would actually wipe out electricity in general. In that scenario, alerts from Notify NYC would be rendered useless.

Mayor Adams is putting a different spin on this new public service announcement, however. The Democratic mayor said it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Adams also dismissed critics who charged this announcement with intentionally drumming up fear and alarm.