New York City Politician ‘Switches’ From Democrat To Republican To ‘Avoid’ Radical Leftist Agenda

Due to its radical progressive agenda, Alec Brook-Krasny is the latest New York politician to ditch the Democratic Party. He is a former State Assemblyman from Brooklyn evaluating a run for his former seat from the 46th district, but this time as a Republican.

Brook-Krasny told reporters that he finally had enough of the Democratic shift ever further to the far left. He said he could not believe his former party’s calls to “defund the police” and embrace a culture in defiance of free speech.

He said that the party has turned against the people who agree to provide safety and security when defunding police departments. He also referred to New York City’s recent elimination of cash bail for all but the most severe offense detrimental to police efficiency and public safety.

Brook-Krasny said he expects to run on a platform that supports school choice for all and expands charter school availability. He added that the Democratic Party’s cooperation with teachers’ unions to limit education options for parents and their children is “un-American.”

He would likely be running against the incumbent, Democrat Mathylde Frontus, for his old seat. Since he served Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Dyker Heights, and Bath Beach, the district has been redrawn.

As it currently exists, the district is one of several in New York City that is reported to have been trending more moderate politically, especially since the city government’s handling of the COVID pandemic and rioting in the summer of 2020. The plummeting approval ratings for Joe Biden appear to be tracking in the district and several others in the city.

Brook-Krasny said that he expects there are soon to be other Democratic defectors. He said he is “just the beginning,” and a new trend is coming. He said that after a long time trying to change his old party “from the inside out,” he decided it was time to work from the outside.

At least one other New York City politician has successfully switched parties recently. Former Democrat and new Republican Inna Vernikov won the seat for the 48th district in November by 30 points over her Democratic opponent. She told reporters that she initially registered as a Democrat because she believed that was the only way to impact city elections.

She called for more politicians who have seen enough crime, homelessness, and a sinking economy amid socialist policies to come on board with the Republicans.