New York Governor Threatens Walgreens If It Does Not Distribute Abortion Pill

New York is the latest state to threaten Walgreens over its decision to follow state laws regarding the distribution of mifepristone, a pill that induces abortion. The decision followed a major contract cancelation by the state of California.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) said that Walgreens would face “consequences” if it did not distribute mifepristone during an interview with CNN. The governor said that the state would “go to the mat” in support of the practice of abortion.

Attorneys general from 20 mostly-Republican states challenged Walgreens to conform with state law regarding abortion medication distribution. The attorney general argued that the distribution of the abortion-causing pill is a violation of both state and federal law.

The pharmacy giant announced that it would follow the laws of the states in which it operates.

The move came after a similar number of threats from California’s state government after Walgreens announced that it would not distribute the pills in locations where such medication is illegal.

This was followed by a statement from California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) that the state would no longer do business with the pharmacy chain. This included the Golden State pulling out of a $54 million contract with the company.

Newsom said that his office had “moral authority” and that it would use it “in partnership with the Legislature, and in the absence of that, through executive action.”

Interestingly, this is not the only recent case of Walgreens facing pressure within states such as California. Walgreens was at the center of a number of major rashes of shoplifting over the last several years.

Following changes in California law that reduced penalties for shoplifting, Walgreens announced that it would be closing a number of locations in the state.

The pressure regarding the pharmacy chain’s decision was followed by scrutiny outside of state governments. Left-wing activist Michael Moore called for a boycott of Walgreens after its announcement.

The filmmaker described the decision as “bigotry and misogyny.”