Nigel Farage Says Biden Has Placed Relations Between US and UK Into “Deep Freeze”

During a media appearance last weekend, former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said that relations between his nation and Joe Biden’s administration have been put in a “deep freeze.”

Farage said that Biden had treated Prime Minister Boris Johnson with “no respect at all,” adding that all of Johnson’s lovely words about Biden never got reciprocated.

He added that Biden is a globalist “in love” with the European Union and its “world order.” Referring to the “special relationship” between the US and UK, he said it is “currently in a deep freeze” and said that he is “afraid.”

Noting that each country is the other’s largest foreign investor, he said that the fact that there is “no prospect” of a trade deal is “madness.” Farage noted that Biden is offering no help or support for the UK “whatsoever” in dealing with issues related to Brexit and negotiations with the EU.

Farage also spoke about the COVID pandemic, stating that the UK and London have reopened and are “back to normal.” He expressed concern that Western governments have “used the crisis” to increase their powers in ways it otherwise could not have done, explicitly describing the long-term effects of vaccine mandates for employment.

He discussed the ongoing gasoline crisis in the UK, stating that it is not occurring because of a shortage in gas supply but because of a lack of drivers. He said that years of poor pay and bad working conditions have led to truck drivers’ “chronic shortage.” In addition to the shortage of drivers, Farage added that the “whole supply chain” serving the UK is “breaking down.”

Farage wrote last month that the recent meeting between Biden and Johnson at the White House was “woeful.” He said it was the “most embarrassing spectacle” he had ever seen. He added that Biden’s attitude reminded him of the tone Barack Obama took toward the UK. Obama’s threat that the UK would find itself at the “back of the queue” for any trade agreements if the Brexit referendum passed has come true, according to Farage.

He also stated that Biden’s behavior is “so puzzling” that he wonders again “about his mental faculties.”