North Carolina County Joins Local Abortion Opposition Initiative

The County Commission of Wilkes County, North Carolina, voted last Tuesday to participate in the Personhood Alliance’s Safe Cities and Counties Initiative, designed to protect unborn children from abortion. Wilkes County is the third county in the state to join the initiative, which is a three-phase approach for local communities and citizens to oppose the tyranny of the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling.

During a packed meeting, the commission voted unanimously to adopt the first phase of the initiative, the Resolution for Life. The resolution came after months of coordination by 30 local churches across seven denominations.

Personhood North Carolina President Pastor Keith Pavlansky described the effort to have the initiative adopted in Wilkes County, starting with a meeting of around 17 local pastors. The group met with citizens through the county, gathered names on a petition, and met directly with commissioners.

The Resolution for Life declares that the county is a strong “advocate for life” and urges

county residents to promote and defend the right to life as well as the dignity of all human life, including the unborn “through all stages of development.”

The second step of the initiative calls on churches, businesses, and local governments to “build and sustain a culture of life” that supports state-level change. The third step of the initiative will call on the commission to pass local ordinances that prevent abortion procedures or funding in the county, based on the support of an educated and motivated local population.

The strength of the strategic approach of the initiative is its focus on sustainable growth and protection against typical legal challenges that usually defeat processes that begin and end with ordinances only. The initiative also empowers local churches as primary motivators of pro-life legislative action.

In addition to the three North Carolina counties, eleven Mississippi cities have adopted the first phase resolution in the Safe Cities and Counties initiative. Six other states have local communities actively working on pursuing the beginning phase of the initiative.

Local communities around the country are encouraged to contact the Personhood Alliance to develop additional training and education programs and become part of the Safe Cities and Counties initiative.