North Carolina Proves the Trump Endorsement Still Carries Weight

Across the nation, primary elections are underway. These races will determine the candidates who make it to the general elections. From here, either a Republican or Democrat will win and ascend to the House or Senate.

Right now, Republicans have a lot working in their favor with the midterms coming up; nevertheless, complacency would be a mistake.

Throughout America, GOP candidates will still need to duke it out with Democrats in order to regain the majorities in the House and Senate.

As these processes play out, former President Trump has been giving endorsements to Republicans who he views as winners and up to the job.

Tuesday’s North Carolina primary Senate election shows the endorsement of the former president makes a real difference.

A Solid Win For Ted Budd
Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) ran a hard-fought primary campaign against 13 other Republicans who wanted to become US lawmakers. To sweeten the victory, Budd’s win surpassed 30%, thus saving him from landing in a run-off election ahead of North Carolina’s general election.

One key factor working in the congressman’s favor was having the Trump endorsement. This is something that Budd himself explained during a conversation with Fox New Digital.

According to the North Carolina lawmaker, Trump’s support made a “huge difference.” Later, Budd noted how he and his team put in hard work, prayed for God’s guidance, and won over the hearts of voters in his district.

Another key endorsement Budd had under his belt came from Club For Growth, a fiscally conservative group. After his victory, Club For Growth praised Budd as the best conservative in North Carolina who will effectively stand up to the radical agenda of the White House.

Red Wave Begins?
Multiple other states across the country have primary elections coming up. In Georgia, for instance, Republicans will vote on May 24 for the candidates they want to face Democrats in the general election.

In the Georgia Senate race, for instance, Trump has given his endorsement to former sports star Herschel Walker. Thus far, Walker is leading other GOP contenders in the state’s primary race.

If he is able to win the most votes from Georgia Republicans next week, Walker will run directly against embattled Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA). A Walker win in Georgia would further demonstrate the power behind the former president’s endorsements.

Across the country, many patriots continue rooting for America First conservatives to win back Congress and save this country from the current path Biden’s dragging it down.