North Korea Responds To New US Sanctions By “Threatening” To Drop Previous Concessions

North Korea is signaling that it might rescind concessions made to US demands after Joe Biden recently imposed new economic sanctions on the extremely reclusive communist dictatorship.

Biden’s recent sanctions were imposed on five North Korean officials due to weapons tests that have included hypersonic missile systems using glide vehicles capable of deploying nuclear warheads.

The Political Bureau of the North Korean Central Committee reportedly met last week and dictator General Secretary Kim Jong Unattended. The Bureau addressed “confidence-building measures” that include removing a moratorium on nuclear weapons intercontinental ballistic missile systems testing to respond to Biden’s recent sanctions.

With the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Ankit Panda said that the meeting was a “strong indicator” that North Korea is moving back to weapons testing.

North Korea issued state media reports that stated the Political Bureau discussed “vicious slurs” made by the US and described the new sanctions as “foolish acts.” State officials said that Biden has reached a “danger line” that North Korea will not overlook and will result in “practical action” to defend its sovereignty and “dignity.”

The most recent American sanctions were placed on individuals in China and Russia because they assisted North Korea by providing equipment and technical expertise for its recent hypersonic weapons tests.

The sanctions are designed to freeze assets owned or controlled by those persons located in places under US jurisdiction and prohibit any US citizen from conducting business with them. The US also noticed that it would sanction foreign companies or persons who do business with the sanctioned individuals.

Chief of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence with the Treasury Department Brian Nelson said that North Korea’s recent weapons systems tests are “further evidence” that the hostile nation is continuing forward with nuclear capabilities development in contravention to calls for diplomacy by the international community.

The concessions the North Koreans are now considering going back on were agreed to during the Trump Administration and included a declaration of intent to facilitate a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula.