NYC Mayor Praises the Departure of Police Officers

Crime rates in New York City are not a joke. Countless stories have made the news of people being assaulted at the subway station and otherwise fearing for their safety when they’re out and about.

Crime in the Empire State and other communities across America has been fueled by left-wing policies. It is Democratic district attorneys who are refusing to get serious and hold criminals accountable.

It is left-wing mayors and city councils that took the liberty of defunding police departments. That’s not to mention the watering down of bail for offenders, or the choice to let prisoners out of incarceration before their sentences have been served.

Ultimately, these are the choices Democrats in power have consistently made. Now, NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) is bragging about the mass departure of police officers in his own community.

Mayor Adams on Police in New York City
On Monday, the Democratic mayor was asked about the 1,500+ surge in police officers who have either quit their jobs or gone into retirement. Adams made it very clear this is the least of his worries, despite his city’s serious crime problem.

According to Adams, this isn’t a cause of concern for him. The mayor followed this up by explaining New York City’s “recruitment campaign” is adequate enough to bring more diversity to the city’s police department.

The racial makeup of the NYC police department is already well in keeping with the city’s own racial demographics. However, Adams’ remarks on police leaving the force in his city didn’t elaborate beyond the recruitment and diversity talking points.

Sadly, the mayor’s actions also align with his words that show a total lack of consideration for the depletion of law enforcement. In Adams’ latest budget proposal, for instance, he did not include any extra funding for the department.

This comes despite the 30% rise in local crime that’s taken place within the last year.

A Continuation of the Status Quo
Crime in New York City preceded Adams’ time as mayor. All things considered, it looks like crime will be an issue even after he’s done in office.

Adams’ background as a police officer was a major factor in New York City’s latest mayoral election. He ran on this, citing his background as a tool that would help him cut back on lawlessness in the community.

As the NYC mayor talks about “diversity,” recent polling from this month alone shows New Yorkers are far more concerned about criminal activity than racial matters.

Yet, Adams’ view on the situation is clearly what’s taking a front seat as far as leadership goes.