NYC Mayor’s Double Standards Have Backfired

For far too long, there have been a lot of double standards put into practice when it comes to COVID.

During 2020 and 2021, politicians and health officials claimed that people should cancel travel plans, not gather with their loved ones, and otherwise rearrange their lives, despite COVID’s high survivability rate.

Yet, the very same leaders giving these edicts rarely saw fit to follow them. Governors, mayors, health officials, and others who were so in favor of other people abiding by mandates and restrictions didn’t want to follow the rules they’ve set in place.

While America today has largely moved away from mandates and restrictions seen over the past two years, double standards and hypocrisy are still very much alive. This has been proven by none other than New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D), according to Twitchy.

An Unscientific Approach to COVID

Studies have shown that young children are considerably less vulnerable to COVID than older people. In spite of this data, Mayor Adams still decided to keep in place orders for children five-years-old and younger to wear face masks.

The New York City mayor wants everyone to believe that the forced masking of small kids is about health and science.

Yet, in the same breath, Adams had no issues with traveling to Washington D.C. in order to attend a Gridiron Dinner. It’s worth noting that many elected officials in the nation’s capital have come down with COVID.

Over the weekend, Americans learned that Mayor Adams followed suit. Apparently, he woke up with a sore throat, took a COVID test, and then received positive results. It also turns out that Adams being vaccinated and boosted against COVID didn’t save him from contracting the virus.

Adams and his team have since announced that he’ll be working from home and self-isolating as a means of stopping the spread.

The Bottom Line

The New York City mayor can’t continue to operate under double standards without being called out accordingly.

Adams’ assertion that masking kids five and under is about “science” simply doesn’t mesh with reality. It doesn’t add up because kids are less susceptible to the virus, to begin with.

However, this forced masking mandate for small children is truly unscientific when contrasted with Adams attending a mass event with dozens of adults who are more vulnerable to catching COVID.

Thus far, the New York City mayor hasn’t announced any plans to roll back the mask mandate for small children in his community. However, social media users are calling out Eric Adams for pushing policies that are not only unscientific, but also nonsensical.