NYC’s Illegal Alien Accommodations Upset American Homeless

In a twist dripping with irony, New York City has rolled out the red carpet for illegal migrants shipped to the metropolis — so much so that regular American homeless people are getting fed up with the preferential treatment.

On Tuesday, city leaders debuted Mayor Eric Adams’ solution to receiving thousands of border crossers. The tent city on Randall’s Island is nothing short of luxury accommodations compared to the regular homeless shelters that unfortunate natives are stuck in.

For example, the first group of 500 men were welcomed with three meals a day, fluff-and-fold laundry service, and TV and video games for entertainment. Zach Iscol, Emergency Management Commissioner, told journalists that people “can come, rest, relax, and kick their feet up.”

“Culturally appropriate” meals are provided along with a pair of popcorn machines, XBox consoles, game tables, and 12 phones for international calls.

Snacks are also provided along with a drink service 24 hours a day.

One homeless resident of the nearby HELP Meyer shelter was outraged by the special accommodations from Mayor Adams’ tent city. Baran Hines, 36, told reporters that he’s been living in the shelter on Randall’s Island since August.

Hines described the building, which is just 350 yards away from the tent city for illegal migrants, as inundated with bugs and foul odors. He said he has to sleep on a “raggedy bed with a hard mattress” and that the food served there “will kill you.”

As for migrant families, many are being housed at the luxury Row Hotel based in Times Square.

Part of that facility has been converted to an intake center for the homeless asylum seekers. The city’s Department for Homeless Services reportedly struck a deal with the hotel in late summer to accommodate hundreds of families.

As for Mayor Adams, he explained that there are always going to be people who feel like someone is getting something better than them. Only this time, those with complaints have a point.

New York City is reportedly shelling out $5,300 per month to house the asylum seekers in the mayor’s tent city. It doesn’t take a homeless person to recognize a great situation when they see it, and frankly the city should be getting more for that kind of expenditure.