Omar Booed Off Stage By Thousands In Minnesota

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) received quite a shock when she was drowned out by ear-splitting boos and catcalls on Saturday. This unsettling incident unfolded at Minneapolis’ Target Center with over 10,000 there for a Somali music festival.

This was not a “smattering” of barely audible dissension among an otherwise adoring crowd. Some of the nicer chants pouring out of the audience were “get out,” and others had a similar theme but were laced with strong profanities.

One person on stage pleaded with the audience to “don’t do this” but quickly gave up in the face of the jeering crowd. Omar and her husband spent an uncomfortable two minutes under a storm of boos before being ushered away.

Logically, Omar being the first naturalized citizen of African birth and first Somali American elected to the U.S. Congress would warrant an enthusiastic response from the crowd.

Especially in her own district.

But there are other facts to consider. Minneapolis is home to the largest Somali immigrant population in the nation, and that demographic is almost entirely Muslim. In fact, Islam is the religion of more than 99% of Somalia’s population.

As a radical “Squad” member, Omar is about as far from the beliefs of the vast majority of the world’s Muslims as one can be. After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the congresswoman slammed the “right-wing court” for ending women’s “autonomy over their bodies.”

The Muslim representative is also a staunch supporter of LGBT causes, which regularly brings harsh online criticism from other followers of Islam.

Republican candidate Shukri Abdirahman, who is also a Somali refugee and an Army veteran, may have tweeted the best explanation for the angry crowd’s reaction to Omar.

The derisive response is the result of her “trading her Godly, Conservative values for the sinful LGBT’s & the promiscuous abortionists.” Ouch.

Progressives believe they are entitled to immigrant votes because of their liberal credentials. But the fact remains that most in that community do not share radicals’ permissive ideology, and Saturday night in Minneapolis was a glaring example of a “leader” completely out of touch with her community.