One Arizona Senator is Distancing Himself From Biden

As the midterm elections get closer, the liability that Joe Biden poses to Democratic candidates is more apparent than ever.

At the national level, the president’s disapproval rating has crossed the 50% threshold. Then, in various battleground states like Georgia, Arizona, etc., Biden has net negative approval ratings as well.

Among Democrats running for various public offices, there seems to be an understanding that being too closely associated with Biden is not a good call. This would explain why one Arizona senator has broken ranks with the president, as documented by Twitchy.

The Vote Against Biden’s Nominee

When it comes to various nominees put up for positions in government by the president, Biden’s track record is far from good.

Now-former Comptroller of the Currency nominee Saule Omarova admitted her interests in dismantling private banking, along with America’s energy industry. After Republicans and a few Democrats in the Senate made it clear that Omarova wasn’t getting their vote, she withdrew her candidacy.

This time, another Biden nominee is under scrutiny. The president recently put up David Weil to serve as the Department of Labor’s wage administration. Yet, Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) has voted against Weil’s nomination.

Kelly’s vote is now leading to a lot of speculations about his underlying reason. At this time, the most popular theory deals with Kelly being up for election this year while Biden’s approval ratings aren’t so good in Arizona.

Sen. Kelly wouldn’t be the first lawmaker to go against Biden. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) is another lawmaker from the Copper State who has opposed various components of Biden’s agenda, including his work to get rid of the filibuster.

At the end of the day, Kelly knows that in order to win a full term in the Senate, he needs the support of Arizona voters. Kelly needs this support even if it means opposing what the president wants to make happen.

A Hidden, Newer Pattern Amongst Democrats

Kelly and Sinema are far from the only Democrats who have either opposed parts of Biden’s agenda or distanced themselves from him altogether.

Last year, when Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke announced his run for governor, he stated he has no interest in anyone from Washington DC coming to help him with his campaign.

Over the past several months, as Biden’s traveled to various states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc., to promote his agenda, Democratic officials have conveniently had “scheduling” issues that stopped them from being publicly seen with Biden.

As the midterm elections get closer, it’s very likely that more Democrats with elections coming up will work to put distance between themselves and the highly unpopular president.