One Lone Reporter is Holding Biden Accountable for His Statements

For the most part, the mainstream media tends to give Biden a pass on the frequently ridiculous statements he makes. The president has become known for his constant gaffes, while networks like CNN and MSNBC hide the obvious decline of the commander-in-chief.

Occasionally, some of these networks will briefly mention inflation or the southern border. But they are certainly not giving these important issues the on-air attention that they deserve.

However, one reporter is. On multiple occasions, Fox News reporter, Peter Doocey, has held Biden’s feet to the fire for his policies and his statements.

The Blaze recently reported on Doocey’s exchange with the president, with video of Doocey holding the president’s feet to the fire going viral.

The Magic Question

Last week, when the president went to Europe to meet with NATO members, he made a series of statements that could cause significant damage.

Biden told the world that Putin should not be allowed to continue to hold power in Russia. During his time overseas, the president would go on to suggest that America would use chemical weapons against Russia. In addition to this incredible statement, the president also said that U.S. troops would soon see the situation in Ukraine for themselves, implying U.S. troops could be deployed to the conflict — a significant and dangerous development in the situation, if Biden’s suggestions have any grounding in reality, which they most likely don’t.

All three statements were walked back by Biden’s White House shortly after. To this end, Doocey asked Biden how the world can believe that the United States is “back” if his statements are repeatedly countered by his own administration.

Biden’s response to this was to first ask which of his remarks were being countered. Then, when Doocey reminded Biden of the dangerous comments he made in Europe, Biden’s reaction was to deny — or legitimately forget — his insane remarks. The president clarified to Doocey that the comments he referenced were just “personal interpretations.”

A Good Example for the Rest of the Media

The country would be a lot better off if other members of the media actually held Biden accountable. Doing this would certainly help restore the trust in the media that’s been lost due to its outright left-wing bias.

The statements and policies that come from the president have very real impacts. For the media to gloss over this and refuse to hold Biden to account is wrong and dangerous. It certainly doesn’t do the country any favors.

It’s very clear that Doocey is going to continue asking Biden the hard questions. The rest of the media should consider following suit.