Oregon Sheriffs Stand Up Against Crazy Gun Restrictions

The gun control movement is increasingly finding new ways to infringe upon Americans’ Second Amendment rights. This was seen when gun control activists pressured credit card companies to distinctly categorize the purchases of guns and related materials.

Democrats argue that they simply want to keep people safe. Though studies show “gun-free” zones are often seen as easy hunting ground by deranged criminals looking to carry out mass shootings.

In spite of the data that actually disproves gun control narratives, the left is not letting facts get in their way. Right now in Oregon, new gun control measures have been put into effect.

Only the kicker is that brave sheriffs throughout the state are taking a stand by refusing to enforce these measures.

Holding the Line Against Tyranny
The new gun restrictions in Oregon entail bans on magazines carrying 10+ rounds, along with mandatory permits in order for individuals to legally purchase firearms. It goes without saying that these measures are not about safety, but they are about making buying and owning a gun as difficult as possible.

Meanwhile, sheriffs in Linn, Union, and Malheur Counties are refusing to uphold these edicts. These law enforcement leaders are also shining a light on the danger these restrictions pose to individuals, along with overall public safety.

Now, more than ever, sheriffs across Oregon are expressing their loyalty to the Second Amendment and their refusal to bow down to tyranny. This is crucial because the gun control movement is not going to stop with just gun purchase permits and bans on magazines holding 10+ rounds.

The endgame of gun control has always been the eradication of the Second Amendment. Gradually chipping away at Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms has always been about outlawing the purchase, sale, and possession of firearms.

Having leaders in law enforcement who are willing to stand with the people and refuse to abide by government overreach sends a powerful message.

A Critical Example of Leadership
Oregon is far from the only state in the nation that has Democrats pushing for Second Amendment infringements. For as much as the left talks about defunding law enforcement, they are ironically reliant on law enforcement to uphold anti-gun measures.

If every sheriff in America declined to enforce dangerous, unconstitutional gun restrictions, safety and security would increase nationwide. It is critical to remember that the very same elites pushing for unfettered gun control have around-the-clock protection details that are very much armed.