Original CNN Anchor Reveals Outrage

One of CNN’s original voices made an unexpected point on the kickoff of the network’s new CNN+ streaming service. Dave Walker, an original anchor from the network’s birth 42 years ago, told host, Brian Stelter, that he now “yells” at the television when he watches his former employers.

When asked if he still watches CNN, Walker responded, “all the time,” before adding that, while he was once a CNN anchor, now “I just yell at CNN.” The veteran journalist went on to express his hope that its new ownership will return to “basic news coverage.”

Stelter responded that Walker could email feedback to the network anytime.

Walker did not stop there, however, noting that CNN’s programming was originally 99% news content with a few evening talk shows mixed in. But with stiffer competition, the former anchor said opinion came to dominate, particularly during evening hours.

CNN cannot get out of its own way lately as one scandal is followed by another and then another.

Of course, Walker is spot-on in his observation. CNN has completely ditched its facade of impartiality in recent years and embraced its place as an organ of the Democratic party. But that’s an industry-wide issue that is hardly limited to Walker’s old bosses.

The bias of the mainstream media is glaringly apparent to anyone who bothers to pay attention. For instance, since the Washington Post started presidential endorsements in 1976, it has never backed a Republican. The so-called “newspaper of record,” the New York Times, last endorsed a Republican in 1956, when it courageously threw its support behind Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Dave Walker’s observation is likely lost on the leadership at CNN, who would have to ditch 90% of personnel and programming if they wanted to get back to “basic news coverage.” Then again, it might be the only move that can save the network from total irrelevancy.