Ottawa Mayor Proposes Canadian Government ‘Sell Trucks’ Seized From Freedom Convoy

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau oversaw the use of “emergency” legal powers to clear the Freedom Convoy 2020 trucks and protesters from downtown Ottawa over the weekend, the Mayor proposed additional radical measures in the crackdown.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson proposed selling off the trucks, equipment, and other vehicles seized by the city’s police during the violent clearing of the protest. He argued that the government could claim the right because Trudeau invocated the Emergencies Act.

Watson told Canadian state media that the government could confiscate and sell the trucks made part of the protest. He said that he “wants to see them sold” and not returned to the people who have been causing so much “frustration and angst.”

During last weekend’s police actions, 191 people were arrested, some violently. The police issued 391 citations for various charges, including obstruction of police and mischief. Deputy Commissioner of Ontario Provincial Police Chris Harkins confirmed that police seized 76 vehicles.

Breitbart News confirmed that following the first-ever invocation of the Emergencies Act, Trudeau’s government had trouble locating tow truck operators who were willing to come to Ottawa to assist in seizing and removing large trucks and other vehicles. The emergency law provisions appear to give the government the authority to compel tow operators to remove vehicles as ordered or face possible fines and imprisonment.

Trudeau announced that the Canadian federal government would continue to operate under the Emergencies Act even though the Freedom Convoy had been cleared from Ottawa. He said during a press conference that it was clear to him that local and provincial governments still need “more tools” to “keep people safe.”

He had promised the public that the invocation of emergency powers would be limited geographically for a short time and only used in ways that are “reasonable and proportionate.”

The Canadian House of Commons approved Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act and its continued use after clearing the protest by Monday evening.