Outrage Over Chinese ‘Police Station’ In NYC To Monitor Dissenters

The presence of a “police station” in New York City run by the communist Chinese government has many critics crying foul. The outfit is believed to exist to surveille dissenters from the country living in the U.S. and report back to Beijing.

Further, several Republican House members sent a letter to the Biden administration demanding to know how this came to be.

The facility is positioned above a noodle shop on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and the New York Post reports it is operated by the non-profit America ChangLe Association NY Inc.

According to the Post, the IRS in May removed the outfit’s tax exempt status over failure to provide tax filings for three consecutive years. Incorporated in 2013, the group filed paperwork for its non-profit charitable mission as being a “social gathering place for Fujianese people.”

That was then. Three years later the station paid $1.3 million for the suite of offices that now host the Fuzhou Police Overseas Chinese Affairs bureau, according to filings.

Watchdog groups say it is just one of over 100 similar stations around the globe operated by the People’s Republic. On the surface, the facilities exist to help Chinese nationals renew ID documents, but their real purpose is much darker.

Critics charge they operate openly as police stations for the Chinese communists. They function to crack down on “illegal and criminal activities involving overseas Chinese” and regularly engage in “intimidation, harassment, detention or imprisonment.”

The watchdog Safeguard Defenders, which follows global Chinese repression efforts, said the facilities also spy on dissenters with the goal of suppressing their activities.

House Republicans recently penned a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and Secretary of State Antony Blinken protesting the presence of a Chinese police station on U.S. soil.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks flatly stated that, when the GOP regains control of the House, the Biden administration will be held “accountable for their continued efforts to aid and abet the Chinese Communist Party.”