Over 1 Million Texans Left Powerless As Storms Ravage State

More than a million Texans found themselves without power on Tuesday as strong storms, packing hurricane-like winds, tore through the state. The severe weather, which hit the Dallas area before moving south to Houston, left a trail of destruction and disruption in its wake.

In Dallas County, where hundreds of thousands were left in the dark, authorities declared a disaster and warned that the power outages could persist for days.

Runoff elections were impacted, with polling places extending voting hours due to the disastrous weather.

As the storms raged on, they claimed the life of a 16-year-old boy in the Houston suburb of Magnolia. The teen, an employee of a construction company, died when the home he was working on collapsed during the thunderstorm.

The severe weather also caused significant disruptions to air travel, with over 600 flights canceled and 900 delayed at Dallas airports. Houston’s airports were not spared, with more than 530 delays and 75 cancellations reported.

The latest round of storms comes on the heels of a deadly severe weather outbreak that claimed at least 24 lives across five states during the Memorial Day weekend.