Pelosi Accuses Trump, McConnell of ‘Standing in the Way,’ Vows to Flip House and Senate in Convention Speech

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday addressed the Democratic National Convention and vowed to over come Republican obstruction by securing Democratic majorities in both chambers of Congress in November.

Pelosi said Democrats in the House have passed and sent bills to the Senate dealing with health care costs, raising paychecks, voting rights, police reform, immigration, LGBT rights, gun violence, and climate change, among other issues.

“All of this is possible for America,” Pelosi said. “Who was standing in the way? Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.”

“Our nation faces the worst health and economic catastrophe in our history,” the California Democrat continued.

Pelosi said that the $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus package proposed by Democrats “is essential to safeguard lives, livelihood, and the life of our democracy.”

“And who was standing in the way? Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump,” she said. “Instead of crushing the virus, they’re trying to crush the Affordable Care Act.”

Pelosi also repeated Democrats’ commitment to preserving abortion access.

“We are unleashing the power of women to take our rightful place in our national life by championing a woman’s right to choose and defending Roe v. Wade,” she said.

“Who’s standing in the way? Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump,” she repeated.

Democrats are also considering a move known as the “nuclear option,” or changing Senate rules to eliminate the 60-vote threshold currently required to end debate, which would allow a future Democratic Senate majority to pass legislation with a simple majority of 51 votes.

“We will increase our majority in the House. We will win a Democratic majority in the Senate. We will elect Kamala Harris vice president. And we will elect Joe Biden president of the United States of America,” Pelosi promised.

Also slated to speak Wednesday night at the convention are former president Barack Obama, 2016 Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton, and Senator Kamala Harris, who is presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate.