Pelosi Argues Private Companies Should Subsidize Abortion Tourism

Everyone is now aware of the draft opinion leaked from the Supreme Court that looks like it will overturn Roe v. Wade. The left has been doing its best to change the ruling by protesting outside of conservative justices’ homes. There have also been firebomb attacks on numerous pro-life establishments and overall hysteria coming from Democrats everywhere.

If Roe is indeed overturned, the issue of regulating abortion will return to the states. 13 states have so-called “trigger laws.” A trigger law in this context means that a state legislature has passed a bill banning abortion in their state automatically if Roe is ever overturned. It is estimated that an additional 10 states that don’t currently have trigger laws would move to ban abortion. That means that it would be illegal to have an abortion in almost half of the United States.

If this happens, there will be some unintended consequences. Women who want to get an abortion that live in a state where it is illegal will have to travel to a different state to get one. Much like when marijuana started to become legal and people would travel to those states solely for the purpose of buying the drug, abortion tourism will become a reality.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wants to take things a step further. On CNN’s State of the Union last weekend, Pelosi stated that private companies should provide travel to women who decided to travel to a pro-abortion state for the procedure. Pelosi sees it as a selling point for abortion rights, but what she does not realize is such a stance is pro-business from a very macabre point of view.

Most businesses have some form of paid maternity leave for their employees. They hold a job open for a woman while she gives birth and in the subsequent months as she raises the infant. Depending on the length of time granted, this can become very expensive for the company. There is a loss of productivity as well as the salary of the person that the company must bear. Paying for a woman to travel to get an abortion may save the company money in the long run. Therefore, you may see some companies follow Pelosi’s advice, but not for the reasons that most people think.

Do not expect conservative businesses to adopt such a policy no matter what, but the terrible practice will surely be adopted by companies who consider themselves woke. One thing is certain, the battle over abortion is just starting.