Pelosi Hammered For Featuring White Supremacist In January 6 Production

Speaker Nancy Pelosi planned the theatrical production in the Capitol building on Thursday for the January 6 anniversary for almost a full year. That did not give her enough time to decide against openly promoting a white supremacist transphobe during the allegedly solemn ceremony.

Pelosi appeared to be thrilled to present a video recording of Lin-Manuel Miranda and other cast members of the Hamilton stage production performing a song from the musical, “Dear Theodosia.” Pelosi assured attendees that Miranda was “very honored” to have been invited by her to participate, and she heaped praise on him as “one of the great creative talents of our time.”

However, Pelosi caught some strong criticism from observers and social media users regarding her invitation to Miranda. He has been accused publicly of being a white supremacist in his own right, or at least of being sympathetic to white supremacy. The claims of white supremacy center on the controversy regarding a film from last year based on his “In the Heights” musical.

Recognized racism experts and media journalists slammed the musical for its “glaring” failure to include adequate “Afro-Latinx representation.” The Washington Post said that the lack of “dark-skinned actors in leading roles” diminished Miranda’s movie as just part of a long tradition of “Black erasure.” The review went on to say the production should be dismissed as a continuation of “whitewashed Hollywood.”

Further, Miranda has been the subject of credible accusations of allowing a transphobic work environment. A member of the Hamilton cast who is transgender stated that they were fired after asking producers for a “gender-neutral” dressing room. That cast member described being “purposely misgendered” during incidents of harassment and discrimination.

Journalist Josh Barro expressed shock at Pelosi’s invitation of Miranda, asking, “Who thought this was a good idea?” Other commenters cited a recent article in Vox that went into detail explaining how Hamilton “feels so cringe right now.”

Poor 81-year-old Pelosi is likely too far out of sync with modern “woke” sensibilities to understand those cultural icons who were on the cutting edge of mob acceptability just yesterday are today’s supremacists and purveyors of “hate.”