Pelosi Launches Attack Against Overseas Trump Supporters And Its Disgusting

Even while overseas, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi can’t help herself from bashing conservatives and the Republican party. While in the United Kingdom, Pelosi referred to Trump supporters as a cult and said that radicals have taken over the Republican party. It’s funny, though. Every other country is laughing at President Joe Biden, especially in Australia where Sky News Australia bashes Biden every chance they get, and Boris Johnson just took a moment to laugh at Biden for forgetting Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s name. Pelosi should watch herself because the Republicans aren’t the laughing stock of the world like she thinks they are.

Pelosi and her January 6th Commission members are dedicated to blaming Trump for everything they can. The commission should have been dissolved when the Federal Investigations found little evidence that the January 6th Capitol riot was planned ahead of time, and it’s questionable how many FBI informants were in the group.

She commented just before the G7 Speakers conference and has proven that not only is Biden a dumbass, but she is too.

That’s not the way you show leadership. If Pelosi’s entire speech was meant to make sure she took a jab at the opposing political party, she’s in for a rude awakening when the 2022 mid-term election comes next year. Democrats are almost sure to lose in every single state. Their actions have been outrageous and uncalled for, and it’s evident that all they’re searching for is more power.

Pelosi said that Republicans are trying to suppress the vote. Still, when you look at media coverage of Republicans versus media coverage of Democrats, it’s clear that the mainstream media lies for Democrats and against Republicans.

The new voter laws that have been passed in over 18 states haven’t suppressed anyone’s vote. Sure, voter securities have been put in places such as voter identification, a no-brainer, and polling security.

Pelosi also took the opportunity to mention gun laws. She claims that every American supports background checks, which is mainly true, but there are already background checks associated with firearm purchases, then she says that Congress doesn’t support it. That’s the craziest thing she’s said in a while.

All of those Democrat talking points point to the Republican party and say, “Step back in line, you’re free-thinking, Constitutionally-minded Republicans are not following our orders.” Well, that’s because Pelosi is crazy, and we all know it. Nobody takes her seriously.

Pelosi can point fingers all she wants to, but she disregards her party’s radical ideologies, and they’re mainstream talking points. She doesn’t view the radical left as radical, and that’s what’s wrong with Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues.