Pence Group Pledges $20 Million To Fight Populism

A political group backed by former Vice President Mike Pence put up $20 million for what it said is the fight against populism in the Republican Party. It wants to eradicate this grassroots uprising within the GOP and return to true “conservative principles.”

The American Solutions Project will target those in the Republican fold who are enraptured by Trump’s message.

Pence told RealClearPolitics, “Our nation was founded on conservative principles that have stood the test of time. The Constitution and this great American experiment must not be swayed by movements or personalities.”

Among notable signatories for Pence’s push are Heritage Foundation founder Ed Feulner, Catholic University Chairman Victor Smith, and prominent North Carolina entrepreneur Art Pope.

Pence launched a campaign for the Republican presidential nomination that never gained traction. His platform appeared to consist of little more than attacking his former boss, hardly a rallying cry that would resonate in the Republican Party.

Even as his ill-advised push for the nomination faltered, the former vice president issued shrill warnings against following Trump.

Through thinly veiled criticisms, he cautioned against the politics of “personal grievances.” The Republican charged that the GOP “we’ve long known will cease to exist. And the fate of American freedom will be in doubt.

The Republican could not more clearly expose himself as a mouthpiece for the establishment — the powerfully entrenched leaders who feel threatened by Trump’s enormous popularity.

Pence criticized the movement of many conservatives in walking away from these principles he claimed the nation was founded on. He charged they are merely “chasing the siren song of populism unmoored to conservative principles.”

This deviation, he said, will not sway his Advancing American Freedom organization.

Pence asserted his followers will “hold high these principles, staying true to the ideals that have made America the greatest nation on Earth.

The former vice president expressed his belief that the American people “will rally to our cause.” If that movement is anything like the fumbling and inept campaign he ran solely on the basis of a dislike of Trump, Pence will have to wait a long time to see the fruits of his labor.