Police: Student Beats Teacher Unconscious For Confiscating Nintendo Switch

While violence in public schools — including student attacks on educators and administrators — is nothing new in the United States, one recent incident caught on camera is causing widespread outrage for its clear brutality.

According to reports, the footage came from Matanzas High School in Florida where a 17-year-old student knocked a teacher aide to the ground and began pummeling her on Tuesday. The victim reportedly confiscated the teen’s handheld gaming system prior to the vicious assault.

The student was described as 6’6” and about 270 pounds. Footage appears to show him kicking and punching the aid 15 or more times.

A school resource officer on the scene indicated that the woman was left bloodied and unconscious.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office released the video and local news outlets confirmed that the student was arrested on suspicion of aggravated battery with bodily harm, a felony count.

Video captured by the officer’s body camera revealed the suspect asking if he would be going to jail.

“Yes, you are,” the officer replied.

Based on the teen’s alleged comments, the educator’s safety might still be compromised even after his arrest.

Authorities reported that he vowed to “beat her up every time she takes away his game” and threatened that “when he comes back he is going to kill her.”

As it stands, the sheriff’s office affirmed that the teacher aide will likely be “out of work for at least several weeks, if she even plans on returning.”

She was reportedly transported to an area hospital for treatment of injuries including broken ribs and has since been released.

Sheriff Rick Staly issued a statement denouncing the “horrendous and completely uncalled for” attack, adding: “We hope the victim will be able to recover, both mentally and physically, from this incident.”

He went on to applaud the students and employees who rushed to help pull the attacker off of the victim prior to the officer’s arrival.

A statement from the school district identified the victim as an employee of Flagler Schools for nearly 20 years who has worked as a paraprofessional — assigned to educate students on an individualized education program — since 2021.