Poll Shows New Yorkers Blame Democrats For Migrant Crisis

A recent survey revealed that a majority of residents in New York consider the migrant crisis a significant issue, attributing the mishandling of immigration to Democratic politicians.

According to the Siena College survey, 82% of individuals in New York characterized the migrant crisis as a grave matter, with 52% deeming it to be “very serious.”

The survey indicated that New Yorkers held predominantly unfavorable views toward Democrats concerning the crisis.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) received approval for her handling of the migrant crisis from just 35% of the state’s residents, with 51% expressing their disapproval of her job performance.

Similarly, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who identifies as a Democrat, faced a net disapproval rating of 16%. Out of those surveyed, 47% expressed dissatisfaction with his management of the migrant crisis, while a mere 31% indicated approval of his overall job performance.

The migrant crisis saw the Biden administration receiving the lowest approval. Merely 34% expressed their endorsement of the administration’s handling, while 59% conveyed their disapproval of the response under President Biden’s leadership.

Siena College Pollster Steven Greenberg said, “Democrats, Republicans, Independents, upstaters, downstate, city, suburban, they all agree that this influx is a problem.”

Adams and Hochul have been openly involved in a verbal dispute regarding the approach to offer accommodations for the tens of thousands of migrants directed to New York City. Adams has insisted on other cities sharing the responsibility of accommodating more migrants, whereas Hochul has contended that the city is most equipped to handle the surge of incoming immigrants.

Hochul said, “Scattering people all over the state does not allow us to manage the most important element of defusing this situation for the long term, which is to start the process to allow them to work.”

In reaction, citizens have taken to the streets to protest migrant facilities, and certain protests escalated into acts of violence.

In Erie County, a single county, the decision has been made to decline further accommodation of migrants following the arrest of two asylum seekers on separate occasions, both facing allegations of assault.