Polls Show Most Americans Believe The US Heading In The Wrong Direction

A recent Associated Press poll showed most Americans think the United States is going in the wrong direction. This poll was taken a few days after Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was removed from his seat as Speaker of the House.

President Joe Biden has an approval rating of less than 40%, while Americans’ approval rating has been below 50% for over a year in most polls.

In recent months, Biden has made several decisions for the nation that have left Americans in financial difficulty. One of the main choices has been continued financial support of Ukraine.

The Ukraine has received funding even when American benefits and federally funded programs have not. For many Americans, the funding would not be an issue if it were once or if American programs remained funded.

Ukraine is not the only issue influencing Americans participating in the AP poll. The statements made by Biden in recent weeks also were an influence.

The economy is one of the most vital reasons Americans feel the United States is headed in the wrong direction. Under the Biden administration, there have been numerous issues with the economy.

Rising gas and oil prices have caused a spike in food prices and daily supplies. As gas prices rise, so do the essential items families need.

The wages of most families are not supportive of the rise in daily costs and daily needs. Many families work several jobs to afford the basics, such as rent and utilities.

The push toward an all-electronic country is another factor Americans feel an economic crunch over. A push to all-electric is sending car manufacturers into tailspins with union workers going on strike.

Some companies may have to shut down automobile manufacturing for various reasons, including insufficient well-trained and well-paid people on the manufacturing line. The issue of manufacturing alone in an all-electric society may end with more people out of work than employed.

Each of these reasons may seem minor or issues not affecting many Americans. When these issues are added together, the economic impact alone could send many Americans into poverty. A poverty-stricken nation is not a nation on the right track.