President Biden Is Murmuring His Way Into War

Joe Biden mumbled an off-the-cuff statement that might spark a massive conflict in Ukraine, much like Barack Obama nearly ad-libbed his way into a conflict in Syria. Biden appeared to give Russia permission to engage in a “small invasion,” and it’s one thing if Russia engages in “a tiny incursion.” Still, it’s quite another if the US and Russia must argue about what to do or not do.

Biden also stated that he believes Russia “would triumph overtime” in Ukraine, implying that Putin will have unlimited time. That type of vulnerability, that lack of preparedness, when displayed in such a public way, invites retaliation. “There have been no little intrusions,” Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, warned Biden on Thursday morning.

Moreover, Biden’s White House spinmasters worked overtime due to his uncertainty, divisiveness, and surrender. Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary, issued a statement hours later insisting on what Biden wouldn’t or couldn’t say. “Any breach of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by Russia and Vladimir Putin would be interpreted as a hostile action,” she stated emphatically.

When asked about the Assad regime’s probable deployment of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war in 2013, then-President Barack Obama said no. He stated that such an assault would change his calculus for the US: That would change his calculus.

Furthermore, Obama should have drawn a line in the sand when it came to Assad merely moving armaments around, but instead, he talked himself into a conflict. A genuine president would have gone to the United Nations, gathered backing from his friends, and made more than a promise to look into the situation. Instead, Obama claimed that his red line had never been and entrusted Syria’s management to Putin.

Biden might have reduced the likelihood of conflict by taking the diplomatic initiative with NATO and the United Nations during the previous year. Instead, Biden let’s Putin take the initiative and test the waters, after which Biden responds with stumbling linguistic responses. When world peace is on the line, there’s something to be said about doing your study and being prepared.