Pride Parade Canceled Due to Florida Bill

A high-profile Florida LGBT pride parade was canceled following the potential passage of a bill that would prohibit children from attending adult performances being considered by the state legislature.

The Pride Alliance of the Treasure Coast announced that the planned parade was canceled and that “this weekend’s Pridefest will now be a 21 and older event.”

The event was separated from what the group calls a family-friendly “Party in the Park where our youth can celebrate who they are,” it said. The group will announce plans for the upcoming event.

The event was changed after the passage of the Protection of Children law. The Pride Alliance said that they will “need to be on the side of caution” due to the bill.

The bill would authorize the state to fine, suspend or revoke the license of a “public lodging establishment or public food service establishment” if it “admits a child to an adult live performance.”

This includes a presentation that “simulates nudity” or other adult activities. In addition, the law specifically cites shows that appeal to a “prurient” or “shameful” interest. The law states that a “person may not knowingly admit a child to an adult live performance.”

The bill will likely make it through the Florida Statehouse, heading for the potential signature of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). If the bill was signed prior to the event, it could be in legal jeopardy.

Furthermore, the law could result in the event’s liquor license being revoked. Two of the events related to the program were canceled. The LGBT group announced that the planned Kid Zone and Pride Parade events were not going to proceed.

The group stated that if children were at the event, it would be too difficult to keep them away from the adult performances.

The organizers placed black tarps around the event area so that children couldn’t view those inside.

DeSantis gained considerable notoriety following his challenge of Disney and what he described as a preferable corporate deal.

The entertainment giant announced a pride event at Disneyland, which drew significant criticism from conservatives.