Prince Harry’s Drug Abuse Admission Risks US Visa

Prince Harry, who has effectively turned his back on his family and nation, has now put his U.S. visa “at risk” with his admission of drug abuse both in the U.K. and California.

Interviewed on “60 Minutes” before the release of his tell-all autobiography “Spare” this week, the royal confessed to Anderson Cooper that he became a heavy drinker and tried a series of illegal drugs. The 38-year-old is fifth in line for the British throne.

Harry has embarked on a promotional tour for his new book, and his admissions include a physical altercation with Prince William over his controversial wife, American actress Meghan Markle.

But it’s his revelations of drug abuse that may land him in hot water with his papers to legally be in the U.S.

One expert, Professor Alberto Benitez of George Washington University, noted that Harry would have been asked about illegal drug usage when applying for his visa. The professor said that “if he was truthful in his answers, he should have been denied.”

There is also the possibility, according to Benitez, that the royal is subject to having his visa revoked “because he lied in the application process.”

Among Harry’s admissions are stories of snorting lines of cocaine and smoking marijuana while attending the elite Eton College boarding school. But he also admitted to much later in life doing illegal drugs at Kensington Palace and ingesting hallucinogenic mushrooms at a California party.

That 2016 event was hosted by actress Courtney Cox.

Harry blamed his mother’s death and the alleged role of the British press for his “anger” that he never expressed. He told Cooper that he “resorted to drinking heavily…because I wanted to numb the feeling.”

He listed several psychedelic drugs that he said helped him. The royal added that he “would never recommend people do this recreationally” but said, “these things have a way to work as a medicine.” He then said they “cleared the windshield.”

Harry recounted to Cooper that he and William shared “similar thoughts” on wondering if his mother was really gone. He said he wondered if she would call and he would end up joining her.

But, when he was 20, he requested to see the police report to confirm the details and have “proof.” Despite this evidence, Harry asserted that he does not feel he and his brother or “the world” knows what really happened to Princess Diana.