Progressive Washington Eatery ‘Cancels Democrat Event’ Upon Discovering Pro-Life Position

A progressive restaurant in Washington that refers to itself as a place for “respectful conversations between diverse groups” recently demonstrated what radical leftists mean by “diversity.” Busboys and Poets canceled a scheduled event because it was hosted by a group of Democrats who dared to proclaim pro-life viewpoints.

Democrats for Life of America booked space at the popular eatery and bookstore before the March for Life on January 21. After scheduling the space, the restaurant contacted Kristen Day, the executive director of Democrats for Life, to ask about the group’s policy positions regarding abortion. Day confirmed the group is pro-life, and the restaurant canceled their reservation.

The restaurant told the Washington Free Beacon that it refuses to “elevate voices” that it believes oppose human rights. Busboys and Poets described itself as a “safe space” to the outlet.

A spokesperson for the venue said that it “welcomes conversations,” expressing various viewpoints. Still, it will not “knowingly accept” groups that “fund an agenda” that “tramples on the rights of others.”

Day said that the restaurant representative who contacted her was “extremely rude.” Even though the Democrat told the person canceling the event that Democrats for Life is against the death penalty and strongly supports LGBTQ positions, the restaurant appeared to only be interested in the group’s stance on abortion. Day said that the progressive message of the restaurant contradicts their decision to exclude her group’s event.

Busboys and Poets operate six restaurants in the Washington, D.C., area and say that it is a home for “progressives, artists, creatives, and intellectuals.” It has hosted events for extremist groups, including domestic terrorist Bill Ayers with the Weather Underground, Communist Party USA chief Angela Davis, and various sympathizers with international communist dictators.

The chain’s founder and CEO, Andy Shallal, has condemned Israel as a terror organization in the Middle East that is “ethnically cleansing” Palestinians. Shallal ran for D.C. mayor in 2014 and received the endorsement of the Democratic Socialists of America.