Project Veritas Forced To Pay Democratic Consulting Firm Over Undercover Journalism

A federal jury has found Project Veritas liable for wiretapping crimes and misrepresentation for its role in infiltrating and publishing an investigative report on Democracy Partners.

The jury awarded Democracy Partners, which was co-founded by liberal strategist Robert Creamer, $120,000 in their decision on Thursday for fraudulent misrepresentation.

The case comes in the wake of an investigative report published by Project Veritas after one of their employees infiltrated Democracy Partners by lying about her name and background on an internship application.

The case has implications for the First Amendment freedom of the press, a point underscored by Project Veritas’ lawyer, Paul Calli.

“This case implicates fundamental First Amendment issues,” said Calli following the decision. “The folks on my left prefer to ignore that fact.”

“The folks on my Left prefer to ignore that fact and will spike the ball and celebrate on Twitter because in this case the journalist isn’t someone they ‘like’ or agree with and instead exposed the soft white underbelly of their party,” he continued. “We will see what the finish line brings.”

Project Veritas Chief Executive James O’Keefe stated that his publication is undeterred in their mission.

“Project Veritas will continue to fight for every journalist’s right to news gather, investigate, and expose wrongdoing – regardless of how powerful the investigated party may be,” said O’Keefe.

O’Keefe said on Thursday that Project Veritas plans to appeal the decision.

“The jury effectively ruled investigative journalists owe a fiduciary duty to the subjects they are investigating and that investigative journalists may not deceive the subjects they are investigating,” stated O’Keefe during his announcement that Project Veritas would appeal the decision.

Creamer, co-founder of Democracy Partners, was grateful for the court’s decision.

“Hopefully, the decision today will help to discourage Mr. O’Keefe and others from conducting these kind of political spy operations and publishing selectively edited, misleading videos in the future,” he stated.