Psaki Gives Predictable Spin When Questioned About Biden Ignoring Mask Mandate

President Joe Biden added to the list of times notable Democrats have been caught enjoying life out in public while violating a COVID mask mandate when he and Jill were seen at a posh Washington restaurant over the weekend bare-faced.

The latest D.C. mask mandate went into effect on July 31 and covered all indoor businesses that serve the public. Biden has constantly supported mask mandates everywhere and issued an executive order creating a mask mandate on all federal property. He’s broken that one as well.

Americans have become accustomed to Peter Doocy, with Fox News serving as the often only critic of the president willing to ask questions at press briefings. At her briefing on Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had to field Doocy’s questions about Joe slipping out without his mask on.

Psaki said that she “thought” what was being described was a photo of Joe and Jill leaving a restaurant with “masks in hand” but had not put them back on. She added that there are “of course” times when “we don’t put masks back on as quickly as we should.”

She immediately turned to the permanent talking point about vaccinations rather than deal further with Biden’s mask problem. She said we should not “lose the forest through the trees” but should remember that the objective is to get more people vaccinated.

Psaki added that she would instead “not overly focus on moments in time” that do not fit those talking points. When Doocy followed up with a specific question about exceptions to the mask mandate and why the president might ignore those and violate the mandate, Psaki dismissively said, “I think I just addressed it.”

The White House response to Biden and other officials ignoring the same rules they gleefully impose on the rest of us continues to cycle between spin pretending that some other question was asked and dismissing unwanted attention altogether. One is left wondering how long the hypocrisy can go on. Unfortunately, that is one thing that Washington never seems to run out of.