Public School Teachers Discuss Imposing Transgender Ideology on Students

America’s public school teachers, protected by the strongest unions in the nation, are becoming more emboldened to boast about how they push progressive genderism on K-12 students. The growing backlash from parents appears to only increase the willingness of these public employees to influence young kids outside of parental control.

Author Laura Meckler interviewed some teachers about how they teach children about gender preferences in school. She found alarming examples of how aggressive the teaching of radical progressive approaches to sexuality are becoming.

She found that the lessons range from explicit teaching to more subtle approaches. In some instances, children are asked to describe “what transgender means,” and other times classroom greetings are modified to avoid the use of “boys” and “girls” in addressing students.

Meckler said she found that school lesson plans related to genderism are “much more common” now, with seven states actually requiring LGBTQ topics be included in curricula. She added that although most American classrooms do not teach genderism, the trend is moving quickly toward teaching it in every school.

She cited lesson plans for first graders titled “Pink, Blue, and Purple” that teaches them that gender is not fixed and can be changed on a whim. Teachers are told in the lesson plan to tell students that they may “feel like a boy” even if they have “girl parts.” The six-year-old students are also to be told that they may feel “a little bit of both” boy and girl, and that is “perfectly normal.”

Another elementary school book she referenced tell the story of a girl who says, “I have a girl brain but a boy body,” and claims she was born as a transgender girl.

A kindergarten teacher in Massachusetts introduces kids to the terms “transgender” and “gender queer” but doesn’t define the meanings, saying that “is too much” for them. He added that he tells the youngsters that even if a doctor says a newborn baby is a boy, it might not be a boy.

HealthSmart is a company that produces popular teaching plans for middle schoolers. The program tells teachers to avoid assigning body parts to particular genders and to use the term “partner” instead of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.”

The continuing method that teachers’ unions and progressive education establishments will use to avoid the obvious criticism that gender ideology teaching receives is to keep parents in the dark as much as possible. The more that parents stand up to their local school boards and insist on electing responsible members, the less control radical leftists will be able to exert over their children.