Ramaswamy Shakes Up GOP Race With Unique Fundraising Approach

In a bold maneuver that speaks to his out-of-the-box thinking, GOP presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy is reshaping the landscape of political fundraising. The author and entrepreneur, known for his no-nonsense stance on policies like border security and restructuring government agencies, is proposing a plan that raises funds for his campaign and financially rewards his supporters.

In a move akin to crowd-sourced fundraising, Ramaswamy has rolled out what he calls “Vivek’s Kitchen Cabinet.” This innovative approach allows those who raise money for his campaign to keep 10% of their collected funds. With this strategy, he aims to break the hold of the traditional political fundraising “cartel,” or the few political consultants who typically rake in large sums during the election period.

Ramaswamy, a self-proclaimed political outsider, expressed shock at how the political class profits from the electoral process. “I found out that most professional political fundraisers get a cut of the money they raise—why should they monopolize political fundraising? They shouldn’t,” Ramaswamy said in a press release.

In an era where politics often seem removed from the common man, Ramaswamy’s approach is refreshing. His innovative fundraising method exemplifies how he aims to democratize political fundraising by empowering everyday people.

For those willing to get involved, the campaign will provide a unique fundraising link to track the money attributed to each participant’s efforts. High earners are incentivized with “exclusive campaign swag, a personal call with Vivek, and invites to special events.” However, this opportunity comes with responsibilities. Participants must comply with Federal Election Commission rules, undergo a background check, and fill out a 1099 form, designating themselves as independent contractors.

Ramaswamy’s strategy is paying off early on. He has already surpassed the Republican National Committee’s requirement of 40,000 unique donors to qualify for the first GOP primary debate. His campaign told Fox News Digital it exceeded 60,000 unique donors in early July. While he’s yet to match the polling numbers of front-runners President Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Ramaswamy’s distinctive approach has pushed him solidly into third place in the latest Fox News poll.

As an alternative to the political status quo, Ramaswamy’s unique approach to fundraising may be the fresh perspective the GOP needs. By empowering regular citizens to participate actively in political fundraising, he’s raising money for his campaign and challenging traditional fundraising norms. If anything, it’s a clear demonstration of the sort of creative, entrepreneurial thinking Ramaswamy brings to the Republican Party.