Ramaswamy Shifts On Abortion, Says Life Begins At Conception

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy recently said he believes that life begins at conception, marking a switch from his previously held position on abortion.

While responding to a question about abortion at a campaign event in Iowa, Ramaswamy said he believed life begins at conception since he was in high school, The Messenger reported. The GOP presidential candidate’s comments are a stark contrast to remarks he made in April 2023, when he said during a Fox News interview that life begins when brain waves are detected.

“I believe life begins at conception. I believe that unborn life is life,” Ramaswamy recently said, according to The Messenger. “I came to those beliefs, actually in my teenage years at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati and I hold them to this day.”

These comments appear to contradict Ramaswamy’s earlier statements on abortion, as reported by the Daily Caller.

“If life ends, right, when do brainwaves end? That’s how we determine when life ends on the back end. I think we should apply consistent principle on the front end,” Ramaswamy said during an April 2023 Fox News interview. “That’s around the six-week mark that brainwaves do begin. So I think that’s the right way to think about the issue at the state level.”

Ramaswamy’s presidential campaign issued a clarification that while Ramaswamy believes life begins at conception, state governments hold the position that life begins when brain waves are detected during a pregnancy, which, according to the Daily Caller, approximately happen during the sixth week.

“Vivek believes life begins at conception. Vivek believes state governments should be consistent in their position: they say life ends with brain waves, then life should begin with brain waves,” Ramaswamy’s campaign told The Messenger.

“Most people who have signaled support for a 6-week ban believe that life begins at conception. … This is another case of people trying to push a narrative of him changing when what he is saying is highly nuanced,” the campaign added.

In March 2023, Ramaswamy indicated that he considers abortion to be a “states’ issue for the people,” and argued that “neither Congress nor the courts ever had the power to make that decision federally.”