Rand Paul Says ‘Added’ Jobs Are Economic ‘Red Herring’

In an appearance on Newsmax’s “National Report” on Thursday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke out against the White House’s lies about economic growth, calling the improvements in the job market “sort of a red herring.”

During the interview, Paul called out President Joe Biden, stating that he “failed to let us know about the negative GDP growth in the first quarter. Many people are predicting that when the second-quarter report comes out, we’ll be lucky if we’re at zero growth for the year.”

The Kentucky Republican went on to point to something that conservatives have been saying for a while now — the Biden administration hasn’t actually ‘created’ any new jobs. The jobs being ‘added’ under Biden have been proven to be people returning to work after their jobs were shut down during the pandemic. According to Paul, “the jobs being added are sort of a red herring in the sense that the government closed the economy down and destroyed, you know, millions of jobs.”

“Those people are coming back to work as the government is getting rid of the lockdown policies,” the senator added. “But I don’t know that necessarily there’s a great deal of credit or a great deal of success there.”

Paul also noted that, even if the economy has grown as the Biden administration claims, skyrocketing inflation cancels it out, and then some.

“The other thing is, you can sort of spur growth and spur employment by printing up money, but what happens if people are losing purchasing power?” he asked. “You know if you have 3% growth, but 8 or 9% inflation, are you really ahead at the end of the day? I saw a statistic the other day saying the average family has 3,300 more dollars this year than last year. But when you add in inflation they’re at minus $1,600 as far as the net because inflation is eating away all of those so-called or nominal gains.”

“You think you’re getting more money, but in the end, you spend more at the grocery store and that more money is completely evaporated and ends up being that loss,” Paul concluded.