Rashida Tlaib’s Comments About Fossil Fuels Just Backfired

The Democrat Party is doing everything it can to get the nation away from fossil fuels and natural gas. According to the left, these resources are harmful and must be phased out of American life.

Unfortunately, as Democrats try to make this happen, it’s not working out so well. For starters, California’s electric grid is barely hanging on by a thread, amid the state’s shift to so-called green, clean energy. Furthermore, electric vehicles continue to make headlines across the nation for the ineffectiveness of their charging stations.

Despite all of this, Democrats are still pressing forward and opposing fossil fuels and natural gas. Though in the case of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), this quickly backfired.

A Reality Check From JP Morgan Chase
Earlier this week, Tlaib had a video conference with CEOs of various top banks. She used this opportunity to demand that banks essentially cut their financial involvement in fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.

However, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon quickly shut this down when the Democratic congresswoman asked bank leaders to fall in line. Dimon explained the United States would find itself on “the road to hell” if banks completely withdrew from fossil fuel funding.

Naturally, Tlaib didn’t take kindly to this, stating that Americans who received student loan relief should reconsider doing business with JP Morgan Chase. Though given the millions of US customers that Chase services, Dimon doesn’t have to worry much about Tlaib’s suggestion.

However, he wasn’t the only bank CEO to let Tlaib know that her proposal to end fossil fuel funding is dangerous. The CEOs of Bank of America and Citigroup let the Michigan Democrat know they wouldn’t be taking her suggestion either.

An Example Worth Learning From
Of all the CEOs who informed Tlaib they wouldn’t be going along with ceasing fossil fuel funding, Dimon’s remarks were the most forceful and direct. This is a positive model for how the nation at large must respond to the Democratic Party’s radical climate change agenda.

Already, Democrats are trying to completely outlaw Americans from being able to purchase electric vehicles. California is leading this charge, with plans to outlaw gas-fuel car purchases by 2035.

As left-wingers like Tlaib try to phase out natural resources, the “clean” energy they want everyone to transition to doesn’t stand a chance of holding up. This can never become America’s new reality.