Rep. Donalds ‘TORCHES’ Pelosi’s Maskless California Fundraiser: She Thinks She’s Not Like You

The Miami Herald reports that the Republican Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday for holding mask-less fundraising when her supporters remained subjected to COVID-19 restrictions. In an interview with guest presenter Jesse Watters on Fox News Primetime, Donalds stated that America is the land where all hypocrites belong. He also highlighted that these people live in a whole other world and detest the prospect of being held accountable to the standards they seek to impose on people. He feels that the Biden administration is the most hypocritical government America has ever had because it makes laws for the people but does not adhere to them. A significant issue here is whether this administration is from another dimension. Or are they inherently immune to the Covid-19 variant?

Pelosi addressed a group of Democratic fundraisers without a mask over the weekend. A completely disguised wait staff attends to unmasked persons seated close together in video and tweets from the occasion. The Donalds said that this is why they lack credibility. Moreover, because of their hypocrisy and lack of credibility, Americans are so fed up with it. They wish to live their lives in the manner in which Nancy Pelosi does.

Moreover, Sen. Chuck Schumer was also singled out for a widely mocked video of him dancing with Stephen Colbert at a Saturday night performance in New York. Donalds made a similar comparison between Schumer’s dancing and Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan. In simple words, Democrats like partying and engaging in all of this while the American people suffer. The border has also been opened, money has become a catastrophe, and Inflation is rising. Over 10,000 Americans are imprisoned in Afghanistan behind Taliban lines, and these Democrats want to party.