Rep. Gohmert Reports that Jan. 6 Prisoners are ‘Not Doing So Well’

During an interview on Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) expressed concern over the experiences of the January 6 prisoners, saying that it grieves him to see “vendettas” being carried out against them after they were arrested over the incident at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“Can you believe this? There are still people being held in jail, in prison, who did not break anything, who did not hurt anyone on Jan. 6? It may seem they are forgotten, but they are not,” the show’s host, Greg Kelly, remarked.

“I’m doing all right, but our Jan. 6 prisoners are not doing so well,” Gohmert responded. “And having been a felony judge, it grieves me to see the vendettas being carried out against them.”

“We currently have an attorney general who’s more vindictive than the late John Mitchell and more manipulative than J. Edgar Hoover,” the Texas congressman added. “And it does not bode well for our justice system at all.”

Gohmert went on to point out that, while he has no problem with the actual violent offenders being sent to prison, many of the political prisoners who are still being held in connection with the Capitol riot had only committed misdemeanors. The GOP congressman also compared the felony charges of “obstruction of an official session of Congress” to what Democrats did in 2016.

“As a former felony judge, there are people involved in Jan. 6 I would have no problem sending to prison,” Gohmert said. “But most of them committed misdemeanors, and if they committed a felony, usually that is the obstruction of an official session of Congress, which is exactly what most of the Democrats committed in June of 2016, unlike some of the Jan. 6ers, who came in for 20 minutes… some of them were waved in, that kind of thing.”

“But in June of 2016, it wasn’t a matter of six hours max,” he added. “It was around 24-26 hours that the Democrats staged a sit-in on the floor. They obstructed an official session of Congress. And those people that are the most hypocritical are wanting the heads of people that did only a fraction of what they did.”

According to reporting from The Atlantic, Democrats in Congress staged a sit-in in 2016 to protest the House’s refusal to hold a vote on gun-control legislation.