Republican House Member Introduces Bill ‘Prohibiting’ Foreign Aid To Ukraine Before ‘Securing’ Southern Border

Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) introduced a bill in Congress on Tuesday designed to prevent the federal government from sending military or financial aid to Ukraine while our southern border remains unsecured.

The proposed law is titled Secure America’s Border First Act and would require the federal government to obtain and maintain “operational control” of our country’s border with Mexico before any money, equipment, or personnel could be sent to Ukraine’s government to assist with a possible Russian invasion. The bill incorporates language from the 2006 Secure Fence Act to determine when the US has gained border control.

Rosendale told reporters that he finds it hypocritical for any lawmaker to agree with paying for securing an overseas border “thousands of miles away” while not being willing to secure America’s borders. He said that what is currently on America’s southern border is not a “threat” but an “absolute invasion.”

The lawmaker from Great Falls, Montana, said that Congress has bipartisan “war hawks” willing to spend American blood and treasure in Ukraine when we are not obligated to do so. He added that the “minimum we can do” is to secure our borders before beginning an involvement in Ukraine that has no predictable outcome.

Rosendale noted that America had experienced an “invasion of two million individuals” over the last year, and we are not sure how many have been able to get inside the country. He also pointed out that President Donald Trump made border security a crucial part of his 2016 campaign and then acted as president to begin the construction of a physical wall and provided resources to the southern border to enforce US immigration laws.

Since Joe Biden has assumed office, large numbers of people illegally crossing the border have been given preferential treatment by administrative agencies. Many have been provided direct cash aid and given free transportation to places unknown in the nation’s interior.

As Rosendale is attempting to move Congress to take real action to secure the border, several states led by Republicans have joined together to request the federal courts to compel Biden to enforce the immigration laws already in place. The issue will undoubtedly be essential in many of the crucial midterm congressional elections and could result in real action from Congress if Republicans can retake control.