Republican Lawmakers Discuss Policy Failures Under Biden

Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign slogan of “Build[ing] Back Better” is not panning out during his presidency.

For starters, the nation’s economy remains pummeled by issues such as a clogged-up supply chain, inflation, growing interest rates, and expensive energy costs. As all this happens, it is the Biden administration’s self-admitted view that the nation’s economy is stronger now than it’s been throughout history.

As the economy crumbles, public safety isn’t too far behind. Crime has gotten so out of control that established businesses like Starbucks are closing their doors. Meanwhile, the southern border is still being overrun with illegal immigrants.

Considering all the problems happening in Biden’s America today, Republican lawmakers are convening accordingly.

Taking on Challenges Facing the United States

This past Thursday, lawmakers gathered on Capitol Hill for the purposes of discussing crime, open borders, and drug trafficking.

Republicans specifically pointed out that issues on the border are enabled by Biden’s failures to get tough against pro-crime reforms and other adjacent policies.

Later, the GOP called out Democrats for installing left-wing district attorneys across the country who repeatedly show their unwillingness to prosecute criminals.

Democrats were also pushed back against for placing the interests of criminals ahead of law-abiding Americans. On Thursday, GOP members of Congress warned that as long as Democrats stand by these policies, crime will keep spiraling out of control as a result.

Little Consolation From the White House

As it pertains to crime, Biden has previously called for police to be “funded,” rather than defunded. Although critics of the president view this as empty words that haven’t been backed up by action at all.

For starters, the Biden White House has taken meetings with activists that are admittedly devoted to defunding and taking down law enforcement.

The president also hasn’t intervened on behalf of police officers in New York City who lost their jobs due to Mayor Eric Adams’ (D) COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The White House has devoted much more attention to promoting electric vehicles and attacking the fossil fuel industry than to lowering crime rates across the country. Now, the most vulnerable Americans are paying what is sometimes the ultimate price.

This is why Republicans are working so hard to retake both the House and the Senate in November.